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Audit Review & Compilation

Dennison CPA, PC exclusively serves local Churches and other Christian Ministries throughout the US by providing Audit, Review, and Compilation Services.

Our approach is consultative in nature

We understand that Churches utilize lay staff and volunteers that impact internal controls

90% of our clients are local churches, so we know churches while the remaining 10% are parachurch ministries, mission sending organizations, K-12 Christian schools, etc.

Provide leadership with the ability to demonstrate their commitment to financial accountability and transparency

Audit Process

Document Collection
Site Visit & Internal Control Assessment
Sampling of Transactions

Issue Audit Report

Audit Findings & Recommendations


Audit, Review & Compilation Pricing

Time Frame: 8-12 weeks

Audit: Starting at $8,500

Time Frame: 3 weeks

Review: Starting at $4,500

Time Frame: 1 week

Compilation: Starting at $2,000+

Pricing and time frame vary based on ministry complexity.

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