Payroll and Tax

Payroll and Tax

Dennison CPA, PC offers payroll processing and tax services to Churches and other Christian Ministries through our online payroll processing service. Not only do we process payroll through direct deposit either bi-weekly or monthly, but we perform payroll tax filings – monthly, quarterly and annual (Federal and State – including W-2) on your behalf. We also provide assistant to structure compensation that is compliant with IRS guidelines – including clergy compensation which includes housing allowance.

Payroll is a mission critical task for any ministry and must be performed flawlessly. Church payroll and pastoral compensation can be complicated due to the unique tax advantages offered to clergy and non-profit organizations. We understand the intricacies of pastoral compensation and can help your ministry navigate through them to ensure compliance.

Form 1023 - 501 (c) 3 Application

Receiving tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a tremendous accomplishment for any ministry and demonstrates credibility to donors. However; the process of filling out the required forms and necessary schedules can be a daunting tasking and is full of nuance. Allow us help you navigate the process by assisting your ministry with receiving tax exempt status under IRC 501 (c) 3.

We can assist your ministry with the creation of IRS compliant Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and financial projections. Additionally, we will create the Form 1023 and necessary supplemental information. Typically, the entire document creation process is completed within 2 weeks.

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