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  • Rock Harbor Church

    I highly recommend David Dennison and his CPA services to your organization.  Mr. Dennison recently performed an annual audit for Rock Harbor Church.  Our business team, financial oversight team and board of elders were very pleased with how professional, thorough and timely Mr. Dennison was in his work.

    Mr. Dennison's assessments, testing, findings, financial reports and comments to management were very comprehensive, accurate and helpful to our organization.  His services have helped us strengthen our financial reporting and internal controls.  In addition, we found his audit fees to be very competitive within the industry.

    If you choose to use Mr. Dennison's services, I'm confident you will be pleased with the results!

    Bryan Wilkins, Business Director
    Rock Harbor Church
    Costa Mesa, CA

  • Providence Community Church

    I recommend David Dennison, CPA to any ministry or organization looking for stellar, expert tax advice and services. David Dennison performed a review of our 2018 finances. He was incredibly prompt, patient, thorough, professional, gracious, and fantastic to work with! We are a larger church in the York, PA area and have worked with a variety of tax professionals through the years, both in and out of state. David was quote possibly the best we’ve ever worked with. He delivered above and beyond our expectations and did so at a very competitive price. You will not go wrong hiring David Dennison. We will certainly work with him in the future.

    Michael Coarson, Executive Pastorr
    Providence Community Church
    Spring Grove, PA

  • Vantage Point Church

    Our church had the pleasure of working with David Dennison on a financial audit in April of 2016. This was our first audit and not knowing what to expect we were a little nervous. However, Mr. Dennison made us all feel comfortable as he took us through the process.

    David is reliable, professional and understands the current church accounting practices. He was personable and incredibly easy to talk to. He took the time to explain everything as he went along. 1 even felt comfortable calling him several months after the audit with additional questions.

    I look forward to future business with David Dennison and I highly recommend his services to someone else!

    Monique Whritenour
    Office Manager
    Vantage Point Church
    Chino, CA

  • New Life Church

    We were in search of a new accounting firm and we were introduced to David. He actually flew to our location to get an understanding of what our programs and processes were. During the time that the audit was being conducted he asked for additional information to clarify our process and at the end he presented us with not only the findings but several relevant suggestions to improve our overall accounting process

    David understands how churches work and the unique challenges of ministry and how important integrity is to the church. We feel that with his help we will maintain this integrity as well as good stewardship for our church and the people that we serve. I would highly recommend David as a church or non-profit CPA as we will continue to use him in the future.

    Clyde Hudson
    Director of Business & Finance
    New Life Church
    Decatur, GA

  • Faith Fellowship

    Faith Fellowship Church has had the pleasure of working with David Dennison to provide our lender with required financial reviews for several years now. Since David has been providing this service it has always been a smooth and complete process and both us and our lender feel privileged to have him on our team.

    David is a professional who understands current church accounting practices.

    As a person David is clear, precise and extremely easy to work with. Faith Fellowship. my accounting department and I look forward to the future relationship with David Dennison and I strongly recommend his services.

    David Mortara, Church Administrator
    Faith Fellowship Church
    San Leandro, CA

  • New Season Church

    Our church had the pleasure of working with David Dennison on a financial audit in February of 2019.  This was the first time we had worked with David and didn’t really know what to expect.  We learned quickly that the process of a full audit was extensive and thorough but David walked us through it and explained everything completely which gave us a sense of trust and respect for what he knows.  David is a professional who understands current church accounting practices; something that is extremely valuable when undergoing an audit. Not only is David knowledgeable but he is also personable and incredibly easy to talk to.  I am glad to say that all of our conversations were not just business, we actually had a laugh or two along the way! 

    New Season Church, our financial department and I look forward to the continued relationship with David and we know for certain that he will be our go to guy in the future for all review, copulations and audits. 

    I highly recommend David Dennison’s expertise and services to anyone and everyone.

    Shane Curtis
    Executive Pastor
    New Season Church
    Hiram, GA

  • Faith Church

    It is my pleasure to recommend David Dennison for all your auditing needs.  David is easy to work with, has the best interest of the ministry in mind, and loves the Lord.  He was particularly helpful in making sure all of our systems were running efficiently and according to the latest standards.  David always responds promptly, gets the work done on time and in our case ahead of schedule.  He also took time to go over all of his findings with our executive team so we were all informed and on the same page.  You will not regret onboarding him!

    Frank Santora
    Senior Pastor
    Faith Church
    New Milford, CT

  • Praying Pelican Missions

    David Dennison and Co. are an absolute breath of fresh air for us. To anyone in Christian ministry considering utilizing their services, I cannot recommend them more highly.

    I came to Dennison at a time when we not only needed a lot more from our accounting services, but we also had timelines that needed to be met. He accomplished both….and then some! Not only did Dave take the time to listen to us, but he truly understands how ministries work in a way that I’ve not experienced before. Being very candid, I didn’t even know how much we were missing before we met David Dennison and Co.!

    Whether you have basic accounting needs or higher end CFO work that needs to be done, Dennison CPA are my first and only Christian accounting firm recommendation. We plan to work with them for many years to come!

    Matt Pfingsten
    Praying Pelican Missions
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Word of Life Ministries and Schools, Inc.

    I am more than pleased to write this letter of recommendation for David Dennison. Our ministry came to David in January of 2016 with some pretty complicated audit needs. Our ministry operates as a multi-site Church, multiple-campus Childcare Center, K-12 School and is closely involved in the operations of 4 other nonprofit corporations. Needless to say, David had his work cut out for him when we came to him needing a quick turn around on audits for the past two fiscal years. David met every single one of our needs, finished the audits before the very short deadline, still took the time to explain his work in great detail, gave numerous pieces of advice and recommendations, and did overall exceptional work. p>

    I personally, along my entire team, greatly enjoyed the experience and was left feeling much more secure in our financial future. I can’t imagine there being many other CPA’s out there that are as knowledgeable, personable, professional, and genuine as David Dennison is. I highly recommend David to all churches and schools in need of high-quality, professional work.

    Tim Rotola
    Financial Administrator
    Word of Life Ministries and Schools, Inc.
    Wichita, KS

  • Iglesia Doral Jesus Worship Center

    We are currently going through the process of buying a property to expand our ministry operations.  We met David since the vision was just a dream.  Since day 1, David has demonstrated a level of understanding and professionalism far superior than common knowledge.  We have found in David an excellent blend of accounting knowledge and Christian principals knowledge. 

    As part of the process, we had to go through our first audit.  David’s approach in the audit was with an objective to help us improve our processes and be a better ministry.  We feel extremely blessed to have had David Dennison work with us and know that he was a key member of the team to make the dream a reality. 

    Thank you David for your professionalism and excellence in serving the Kingdom of God!

    Adolfo Suarez, Administrator
    Iglesia Doral Jesus Worship Center
    Doral, FL

  • Revolution Church

    Our Church worked with David Dennison who performed an audit plus multiple compilations from 2010 to present.  David was very thorough in his process as well as personable in his demeanor.  His communication to us was second to know as he walked with us through the audit process to help us improve our internal financial systems.

    David understands how churches work and the unique challenges of ministry and how important integrity is to the church.  We feel that with his help we will maintain this integrity as well as good stewardship for our church and the people that we serve. I would highly recommend David as a church or non-profit CPA as we will continue to use him in the future.

    Chad Elliot
    Executive Pastor
    Revolution Church
    Canton, GA

  • Bethel Baptist Church

    David Dennison was recommended to us to complete a series of financial compilations necessary to secure a million dollar building loan. I am so thankful we made the call. David lived up to his reputation and made a somewhat complicated process very simple.

    We were very impressed by David. His work was professional and thorough. He was courteous and timely in all of his communication. We appreciated his knowledge and understanding of church accounting and finances.

    Our church would gladly work with him again and would highly recommend his services to others.

    Brandon Hardy
    Bethel Baptist Church
    Salem, OR

  • Praise Christian Center World Outreach

    My team and I had the pleasure of working with David when he performed reviews and audits for our corporation. David helped us see auditing in a new light. He made the process effortless. He worked closely with us to keep the process moving and to meet the necessary deadlines. He made recommendations to strengthen our internal controls. He delivered excellent service in a timely manner. I was pleasantly impressed by his knowledge, integrity and professionalism. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, I rate Dennison CPA a 10. I would definitely recommend his services.

    Dr. Pamela Randolph
    Vice President
    Praise Christian Center World Outreach
    Channelview, TX

  • Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church

    Our Church worked with David Dennison who audited our financials and compiled reports for 2013, 2014, and 2015. He is currently working on our 2016 financials.

    David Dennison is a kind and patient person. David is also very professional and knowledgeable.

    David understands church work and how important integrity is to the Church and the people we serve. It has been a blessing working with David. I would highly recommend David as a CPA as we will continue to use him in the future.

    Sis. Sandra K. Williams
    Business Administrator
    Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church
    Dayton, OH

  • Faith Lutheran Church

    Our church had the pleasure of working with David Dennison on a financial review. David was thorough, professional and timely in all of his communication and work. He has a thorough understanding of church accounting and reporting issues. He took the time to lead me through the process of providing information for the review and interpreting the final data. This was the first financial review I have been responsible for in my career, and it was wonderful to have someone as knowledgeable and trustworthy as David to walk me through it.

    I highly recommend David to anyone seeking a professional, Christian CPA who does business with integrity.

    Joyce Getchell
    Business Administrator
    Faith Lutheran Church
    Lake Forest, MN

  • East Memorial Baptist Church & East Memorial Christian Academy

    On Behalf of East Memorial Baptist Church and East Memorial Christian Academy I want to thank you for the excellent accounting work you preformed. As you know the timing of this accounting report was critical to our ability to refinance $8.5 million. You not only met our short time frame but did so with great detail. This was extremely helpful in clarifying our financial position to the bank.

    On a more personal note, it has been a joy to work with you—by telephone and now in person. It is good to see a highly skilled businessman, father and daddy being used by the Lord. David you have done a great service for this ministry and I am grateful. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for you and your family.

    In His Service,

    Bryan Easley
    Business Administrator
    East Memorial Baptist Church & East Memorial Christian Academy
    Prattville, AL

  • Yreka Church of the Nazarene

    It has been a great honor and privilege to have personally worked with David Dennison through some very critical stages in the life of the Yreka (CA) Church of the Nazarene. I have served as the pastor of this church for the past eighteen years. More than five years ago we began to dream about building a new sanctuary on our church campus. Finances were a huge hurdle for us and we were led to David who helped us and led us through so many financial issues in taking our dream to a reality. We have been in our new church now for the past two years. I have no doubt it would not have not been built without David’s wise help, encouragement, and leadership. David is now helping us with annual audits and other financial issues.

    He is definitely a man you can trust in these difficult economic times. He is a man of character and integrity with a heart for God. Give him a call, I know he will be able to help you too!

    Rev. Jeff Whitney
    Senior Pastor
    Yreka Church of the Nazarene
    Yreka, CA

  • New Generation Christian School

    I had the opportunity of working with Mr. Dennison after being introduced to him through another organization who had requested that my ministry get an audit completed.   My ministry had been in existence for ten years and we had been doing our bookkeeping internally.   As I operate a ministry and have little knowledge of accounting practice and had done it so long in isolation, I was, to say the least, a little intimidated.  Even the thought of having an audit done was uncomfortable.  However, Mr. Dennison did his best to set my fears at ease and to guide me through the process.

    At all times Mr. Dennison conducted himself in a very professional and helpful manner.  He actually flew to our location as we began the audit process.   During the time that the audit was being conducted he asked for additional information to clarify our process and at the end he presented us with not only the findings but several relevant suggestions to improve our overall accounting process.   Even months after the audit was completed we had need of clarification of information in the report for an outside agency.  Mr. Dennison called that agency to offer his understanding of the information.

    Truly, it has been a blessing to work with Mr. Dennison. We plan on using him in the future because he is approachable, makes the process make sense, is professional and gives relevant insights as to improvements.   Please feel free to contact me personally if you have any further questions.

    Paula Miller-Groman, Ph.D
    New Generation Christian School
    Lake City, FL

  • Message of Peace Church

    Our church needed a compilation report and for whatever reason our previous CPA did not finish on time to meet a deadline. I was referred to David Dennison and we hired him. He was professional, courteous and fast. I highly recommend his services to churches any where in the United States.

    Dr. Fernando Carvalho
    Senior Pastor
    Message of Peace Church
    South San Francisco, CA

  • Timber Lake Christian Church

    David Dennison worked with our church as an auditor, specifically with the minister overseeing administration in our church.  David not only provided timely services for a very reasonable price but he helped us coordinate with our loan agency to make sure all things were accurate and understandable for everyone involved.

    I can say, as a Sr. Minister that is not a “numbers person,” that Mr. Dennison supported my “numbers person,” our auditing process, and myself in a very professional and yet personal way!

    Dougllas Delp
    Senior Pastor
    Timber Lake Christian Church
    Moberly, MO

  • Lake City Church

    David Dennison became our CPA through a recommendation. I had an extremely easy decision about who to contract with after talking with David on the phone and reading numerous recommendations from satisfied customers.

    Not only was his pricing very competitive, David brought a different dimension to what could easily be a sterile working relationship. He was personable yet professional, incredibly easy to talk with on sometimes difficult subjects, and most interested in me and our church family.

    His audit report was easy to follow. He provided great recommendations with an abundance of support materials including templates and other resources.

    The most encouraging part of his relationship to our church is his commitment to make his work a ministry. I have asked him several questions over email and the phone since the audit nearly a year ago. He is more than willing to address my questions without additional fees.

    David is a trustworthy man. I highly recommend him to service your audit needs.

    Dan George
    Business Administrator
    Lake City Community Church
    Lakeview, WA

  • Passion Church

    I’d like to take a minute to let you know how pleased my staff and I are with the services that David Dennison CPA has provided to our church.  We’ve known and worked with David for several years, with everything from church refinancing to helping us with our accounting needs at our church.  David is honest, reliable and is able to solve complex financing situations effectively.

    His understanding of current church accounting practices, combined with his understanding of church banking and mortgage options, makes him a key professional in this industry and a person we are very glad we have working with us.  I would highly recommend David for any of your church accounting needs or help in church lending or refinancing.

    Bob Sawvelle
    Senior Pastor
    Passion Church
    Tucson, AZ

  • Saint Paul Baptist Church

    I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation for David Dennison of Dennison CPA.  Dave has proven himself to be reliable, trustworthy and extremely professional with his practice.  His price is fair and have been an asset to our church.

    I have known Dave for two years and he loves serving ministries and servicing the Lord.  I personally appreciate his candor and his affection for our church and his continued support.  Dave’s background in church lending as well as accounting is an asset and value that many CPA firms do not have.  I look forward to many more years of future business with Dennison CPA.

    Charles Dixon
    Business Administrator
    Saint Paul Baptist Church
    Oxnard, CA

  • Nexus Church

    We had never been through an audit so I had no idea what to expect and was a bit intimidated by it!  David was very easy to work with and the whole process was not nearly as difficult as I had imagined it to be.

    He also got everything completed by the deadline that had been set.  It is nice to now have a CPA that we can contact if we have questions.  I would definitely recommend Mr. Dennison for your church CPA needs!

    Charity Kerr
    Financial Director
    Nexus Church
    Olathe, KS

  • Iglesia Templo Jerusalen

    I would highly recommend David Dennison. He is very knowledgeable and professional.  David made our church audit very pleasant.  I truly believe that David is led by honesty and integrity.  He met our expectations with outstanding advice.  We thank God for him and for the gift HE has put upon him to work with church finances.    

    Raquel Guevara
    Iglesia Templo Jerusalen
    Ft. Worth, TX

  • The Praising Place Church of God

    It is with great pleasure that I whole-heartedly endorse and recommend the services of David Dennison and Dennison and Company, CPA.  We used their services in regards to financing a rather large ministry expansion.  Mr. Dennison helped us on several fronts. He prepared for us a very detailed accountants report, offered suggestions to help strengthen our bookkeeping system and make it more effective, and did a compilation.  We needed to contact him numerous times and he was always readily available, welcoming, helpful and engaging.

    He worked in a very timely and professional manner and did exactly what he promised and even went above and beyond.  From my perspective I anticipated this part of the expansion to be frightening and stressful, but Mr. Dennison made it easy, because he brought great insight and instruction throughout.  He took time to explain every move and step.  We are thankful for having this connection.

    Roy Tucker, Jr.
    Senior Pastor
    The Praising Place Church of God
    Charlotte, NC

  • Wilson Community Church

    We were so happy to discover David Dennison through an online search engine.  We needed help with a church tax issue and he was very quick and efficient in filling out the proper tax forms that needed to be submitted.  He answered any questions that we had via email and telephone promptly.  We would highly recommend David for any accounting needs your church/business may have.

    Cindy Daniels
    Financial Secretary
    Wilson Community Church
    Wilson, NC

  • Genesis Worship Center

    I highly recommend the services of David Dennison.   We were in need of a CPA who understood the needs of the church when it comes to a non-profit organization.  David was everything we needed and the some.  As a result of his work, we were able to refinance our church for the next 10 years and none of the 5 banks who reviewed our finances questioned his superb work.  He was very responsive and we were able to afford his services as a non profit organization.   I highly recommend the CPA services of David Dennison.

    George Matthews
    Senior Pastor
    Genesis Worship Center
    Oakland, CA

  • Martin County Convent, Inc.

    Inheriting the position of treasurer on a newly-revived board that had not been audited in over 20 years, I had no idea on where to start in getting years of unkempt financials in order. After a year of trying (and ultimately failing) to get a local accountant to assist me, the board was able to easily acquire Mr. Dennison’s services!

    David made the entire process too easy for words; he was affable, honest and professional during our in-person and over-the-phone consultations. I highly recommend Mr. Dennison and his services, as well as consider him our go-to CPA for many years to come!

    Stephanie Childs
    Martin County Convent, Inc.
    Stanton, TX

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