Ministry CFO

Ministry CFO

I believe that every church and ministry need a high level financial professional who oversees that entire financial operations of the organization – a CFO. A Ministry CFO should have extensive knowledge of the financial “inner-workings” and operations of Christian ministries and have the ability to help guide the ministry as it fulfills the vision of leaders and ultimately our Lord.

The responsibilities of a Ministry CFO are wide and varied as you would expect from such a crucial leadership position within dynamic ministries such as the local church. Key areas of expertise and focus include; planning, operations, financial oversight, risk management and funding.

A Ministry CFO plays a crucial role in overseeing the accounting/finance and HR operations in addition to formulating financial processes and goals. Critical tasks include; financial compliance & reporting, identifying budgetary objectives, key performance measures, internal control compliance, understand & mitigate financial risks and obtain necessary funding.

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