New Generation Christian School – Lake City, FL

New Generation Christian School – Lake City, FL

I had the opportunity of working with Mr. Dennison after being introduced to him through another organization who had requested that my ministry get an audit completed.   My ministry had been in existence for ten years and we had been doing our bookkeeping internally.   As I operate a ministry and have little knowledge of accounting practice and had done it so long in isolation, I was, to say the least, a little intimidated.  Even the thought of having an audit done was uncomfortable.  However, Mr. Dennison did his best to set my fears at ease and to guide me through the process.

At all times Mr. Dennison conducted himself in a very professional and helpful manner.  He actually flew to our location as we began the audit process.   During the time that the audit was being conducted he asked for additional information to clarify our process and at the end he presented us with not only the findings but several relevant suggestions to improve our overall accounting process.   Even months after the audit was completed we had need of clarification of information in the report for an outside agency.  Mr. Dennison called that agency to offer his understanding of the information.

Truly, it has been a blessing to work with Mr. Dennison. We plan on using him in the future because he is approachable, makes the process make sense, is professional and gives relevant insights as to improvements.   Please feel free to contact me personally if you have any further questions.

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